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Adopting and learning new tools take time and effort on both the agency-side as well as client-side. On top of that, add integration issues and you’ve got a full-blown mess. Return Flight technology takes care of the learning curve and technical puzzle for you as the on-boarding process for both you and your clients is quick and hassle-free. With features such as quick, dedicated training and support, and agile release updates, launching your clients has never been easier!

Lower Your Client
Acquisition Cost

On-Board Clients

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Onboard Clients in 4 Easy Steps

1. Create User Account

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Fill out contact information and
create a login account.

2. Choose Products

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Choose which Return Flight
Products your organization needs

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3. Add Services
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Choose services and platforms you’d like to see Return Flight products integrate with

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4. Set KPI Goals & Done

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Choose which services and platforms you’d like
Return Flight products to integrate with.

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Marketing Automation Tools


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